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  • Laurie Pound lit a candle on 02/16/2012:
    "Missed but never forgotten! Love you aunt Dot!!"

  • Michelle Stordy lit a candle on 02/03/2010:
    "I miss you Mom and I love you with all my heart...xoxo God bless"

  • Michelle Stordy lit a candle on 11/28/2009:
    "Oh Mom Christmas is coming and one year is almost here. I miss you MOM and I love you with all of my heart and soul. One day we will be together again and we will be together forever in Heaven with the LORD. God hug and kiss my mom for me please and tell her how much I miss and love her. Thank you God and I love you too."

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  • Neice

    Kim Maccallum

    "My prayers are with you all, michelle i am so sorry for your loss, may god be with you and your family. love you aways and forver , love you aunt Dorthy and i will miss you so."

  • Mom

    Michelle Stordy

    "I love you more than words can express and miss you so much. I still have moments when I wake and forget that you gone. For that brief moment I feel so much joy and love. Life is not the same without you here but I'm living it and I hope I make you proud :) I love you and I feel you with me. You said if there is a way for you to be with us that you will find it. I believe you did :) xoxo I love you Mom. "