In - Always in our hearts

  • Michelle Stordy lit a candle on 08/04/2009:
    "Oh Mom! I don't know why you had to got but I know, I miss you so. Each day is sad without you here and each day I shead more tears. The comfort I have is that I know you are in heaven for ever and you will wait for me and we will again be together. I love you so much mom ... life here will not ever be the same without you. xoxo "

  • Michelle Stordy lit a candle on 06/18/2010:
    "I love you mom with all of my heart and soul. you are my mother and my best friend and I miss you so much. I hope you have the Happiest Birthday ever in heaven. Nathan graduated from daycare today. I wish you were here. I know you are but I want to hug you and be held by you like when I was a child. Happy Birthday Mom! Big Huge hug and kiss from me to you mom. The kids are doing good and love and miss so much."

  • Michelle Stordy lit a candle on 06/16/2014:
    "I miss you mom and I love you dearly...You've been visiting in my dreams often lately. And finally we even talk in them. Those dreams mean so much to me. I miss you SO much! This world, this life is not the same without you. Until we meet again, I will see you in my dreams... I love you mom!"


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  • 1965

    She gave birth to her son Roy. (December 22nd, 1965)

  • 1975

    She gave birth to her baby girl Michelle. (November 23rd, 1975)

  • 1993

    Mom married Kevin Wellman aka \"Grampy\". (August 21st, 1993)

  • 2008

    My mom was told she had cancer and that they gave her four to six months to live. It is June 4th today 2009 and my mom has been gone to heaven for over four months. Tomorrow will be one year since her diagnoses and I still can not accept this all to be real. She was so strong and so brave and so beautiful. She gave an amazing fight and she lived nine months for the diagnoses. I love you mom and thank you for fighting so hard for all of us. I won\'t ever let you go. You will always be with me. Oh mom I miss you. I will be with you some day until then I will continue you to love you as if you were here. I visit your grave often even though I know you are in heaven. It feels like our time together because we always made time for each other. You will always be a huge part of my life. You are my best friend mom and i miss you. I will see you again and I will hold and hug you so tight and maybe kiss you in your I hope I make it to Heaven and we will be together forever. I love you mom. (June 5th, 2008)

  • 2009

    Her burial was held today in Holy Cross Cemetery in Rockland Ontario. (April 28th, 2009)