In - Always in our hearts

  • Valerie Gillespie lit a candle on 03/13/2009:
    "She will always live in my heart. I love and miss her."

  • Michelle Stordy lit a candle on 06/18/2019:
    "Happy Birthday Mom! I love and miss you every day!!! You are happy and safe with Jesus! I love you Mom! ❤️"

  • Michelle Stordy lit a candle on 08/04/2009:
    "Oh Mom! I don't know why you had to got but I know, I miss you so. Each day is sad without you here and each day I shead more tears. The comfort I have is that I know you are in heaven for ever and you will wait for me and we will again be together. I love you so much mom ... life here will not ever be the same without you. xoxo "

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